Multi-layered managed detection and response managed by the team who developed it.

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Secure Your Network in Today’s Cybersecurity Hustle

With the industrialization of cybercrime, cybersecurity has become a hot topic from breakrooms to boardrooms. Protecting your network has many moving parts and is an around-the-clock production. When choosing a cybersecurity solution, compromises are often made due to competing business demands. Decision-makers are forced to prioritize other business needs, putting the company’s data and at risk. In industry regulated verticals, compliance often drives cybersecurity but is often the bare minimum towards actually being secure. Even when decisions are made with the best intentions, alerts pour in, while the day-to-day operations compete for the team’s attention. The cost of highly trained personnel, hardware, and maintenance can be pricey and difficult to budget for.


Managed Cybersecurity Beyond The Traditional

CloudJacketX is a managed security solution developed to address the major pain points of IT teams such as alert fatigue, lack of resources, and the shortfall of vulnerability visibility. Our patented and patent-pending solution manages, detects, and responds to ongoing cybersecurity threats. We protect against data breaches via a security-as-a-service model leveraging our technology and highly trained security experts who monitor your network around the clock and in real-time.  

It can take mere seconds for an intruder to compromise a network and just minutes to start extracting data. Yet according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report, 56% of breaches took months or longer to be discovered. Having a proactive and in-line multi-layered security approach, such as CloudJacketX, is an effective way to safeguard your data.

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  Cybersecurity Designed For Flexible Deployment

On-Premises   |   Cloud Delivered   |   Hybrid

Simplify your Strategy with Managed Detection and Response

It’s time to get ahead with CloudJacketX’s advanced threat detection.  Our Security-as-a-Service eliminates labor intensive log analysis and alert fatigue allowing you to focus on your business.  CloudJacketX protects you from data breaches by leveraging our highly trained security experts to monitor your network around the clock and in real-time.


Alert Fatigue is Real


Percent of tickets not worked by end of day**


Percent of Security Teams that have Alert Fatigue**

SECNAP’s Managed Cybersecurity Platform With Flexible Modules

Having a proactive and in-line multilayered security approach, such as CloudJacketX, is an effective way to safeguard your data within Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, on-premise or hybrid environments. Our platform is built to be customized so our clients only pay for the components their environment needs. SECNAP Network Security is a managed security service provider (MSSP) and a cybersecurity research and development company. Since 2001, we have been combining human intelligence with innovative technology, designed in-house, to protect private sector organizations and government agencies of all sizes against data breaches, ransomware, phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other cyberattacks. We are continuously researching, developing, and deploying the most advanced cybersecurity technologies, solutions, and services to combat current, new, and emerging threats.

Advanced Threat Detection

SECNAP has developed technology which uses advanced heuristics and deep level packet inspection to detect anomalous activity preventing breaches in real-time. CloudJacketX blocks known and unknown threats based on severity, source, geography and customized threat blocking based on your business needs. Our security analysts are dedicated to identifying, confirming and blocking threats. Less than 1% of alerts will actually need any intervention from your team. This frees up your inbox from unread alerts and eliminates labor-intensive log analysis.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SECANP’s managed SIEM helps centralize data by collecting logs and events generated by host systems, security devices, and applications. These logs and events are then translated into reports and alerts that allow our Security Operations Center to monitor, detect, and respond to threats in realtime.

Internal Threat Detection

Our internal threat intelligence is designed to mimic legitimate services in order to attract and detect unauthorized access. This solution consumes a hacker’s time and attention with data that is customized with realistic business details.  Internal Threat Detection is designed to provide effective protection against insider threats, ransomware and advanced persistent threats.

Lateral Threat Detection

Is a feature that can be enabled in CloudJacketX by utilizing our LAN sensors in your network. This allows our SOC to detect events between hosts and working locations and in turn providing extra visibility into your network.

Asset Discovery

With networks spread across cloud, virtual, mobile and on-premises environments, blind spots are likely to arise. Built into CloudJacketX is a scanning feature that will allow IT Teams to inventory network assets across the network.

Vulnerability Management

CloudJacketX has the ability to perform internal and external vulnerability management with detailed reporting available. Remediation support is available to help your team prioritize critical vulnerabilities that can leave gaps open in your network.

Security Operations Center

Working around-the-clock our highly trained security analysts vet potential threats on your behalf. The team will get to know your business policies and tailor our service to ensure that security does not interrupt legitimate business. Our analysts supply real-time dashboards and snapshot reports including those needed to maintain compliance. CloudJacketX is a SOC 2 compliant solution and our SOC is based out of a datacenter in the US. We value customer service and like to think of our SOC experts as an extension of your team.



Meet our Security Operation Analyst who can review your network events so you don’t have to.

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Our Security Analyst Manage, Detect and Block Malicious Traffic

Technology Highlights


Advanced threat detection that protects against known, emerging and advanced persistent threats


Advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection to detect anomalous activity preventing breaches in real-time


Blocks based on severity, source, reputation and geography

Security Operations Center Highlights


Highly trained US based Security Operations Center staffed with highly trained analysts 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


99% of events are mitigated by our SOC without intervention from your team 


Eliminates labor intensive log analysis and replaces it with real-time monitoring

Let's Prevent Breaches in Real-Time.

Get started with a robust security solution that will cure your alert fatigue.