Securing Local Government

A managed cybersecurity platform designed for local government to help prevent bad actors from disrupting normal business processes while elevating cybersecurity.

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CloudJacketX Designed for Local Government

Local Government has traditionally been bound by restrictive budgets and competing IT priorities. Bad actors have notoriously targeted cities disrupting services, supplies and communication while demanding large ransoms.   Municipalities and city government systems impact the health, welfare, and even lives of the citizens in the area they serve. This gives municipalities extra incentive to simply pay whatever hackers are demanding to get these mission-critical systems back online as soon as possible. In response to this, we have designed CloudJacketX which addresses the security needs of local government without burdening their IT staff with alerts, making it affordable and effective.

What are Common Cyber Threats Impacting Local Government?

  • Ransomware
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Denial of service
  • Phishing or impersonation of employees 
  • Unauthorized Access to Credentials

Why are Cyber Criminals Targeting Local Government?

  • The success rate of ransom collection is high
  • The potential value of selling breached data on the dark web
  • Access to personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Notoriety of disrupting critical services for Government
GSA Advantage

Cybersecurity for Government

A GSA Approved Cybersecurity Platform

CloudJacketX, our flexible security-as-a-service platform allows for a layered approach where you can choose exactly what your organization needs. Our U.S.-based Security Operations Center will manage and monitor all CloudJacketX platform layers 24/7 eliminating the hidden costs.