Cybersecurity Incident Response

For Immediate Assistance With A Cyber Incident, Call 844.638.7328

If you are currently being impacted by a cyberattack such as Malware, Ransomware or Cryptojacking, our team is available 24/7.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Fast

Our services are designed to detect and contain an attack in order to reduce damage and recover quickly.  SECNAP leverages our patented technology alongside our skilled analysts to dive into an environment during an attack.  Our technology can be placed in line to actively contain the spread of infection and block malicious activity.  With our team’s experience in remediation, we can walk you through recovery quickly and remotely.  Ransomware, Denial-of-Service and Advanced Persistent Threats are some of the most common cyber attacks we see in private and government sectors.  These are all executed by cyber criminals in order to disrupt the flow of business and oftentimes, even demand ransom to be paid in order to restore data files.

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