Mitigate Ransomware Risk:

Prevention, Response & Recovery Strategies

Businesses are under siege from ransomware attacks. Billions of dollars have been paid worldwide in system cleanup and data recovery costs from ransomware attacks. 

In this whitepaper, we will cover strategies SMBs and Enterprises can implement to minimize the threat of a ransomware attack.

Learning Objectives:

• State of cybersecurity and who are cyber criminals really targetting
• Ransomware payment: Should you pay or not?  
• Top 8 proactive strategies towards Ransomware risk reduction

Who would benefit from this whitepaper:

CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, Leadership, IT Directors/Managers, Compliance Officers, and any employee, IT consultant or MSP who are managing technology or sensitive data for SMBs/Enterprises

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These Ransomware mitigation tips come courtesy of our partnership with SECNAP Network Security.