Patented Technology

Only the SECNAP Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention solution integrates a patented Edge Attack Sensor Network and Smart Alert Filter, an extensive and robust database of rules and signatures, and an expert, experienced team of certified security engineers. The result is superior protection of your network and network devices from both external and internal threats.

Our solution performs deep packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing packets and their contents, of course. But it goes a vital step further by profiling the sender and sender’s patterns–a unique value-add that effectively blocks even the most determined hackers from accessing your network. As a result of this powerful combination of tools, we’re able to protect our clients more cost-effectively than any other Managed Network Security Services Provider. And we prove it day in and day out, year after year (plus nights, weekends and holidays).

CloudJacketX 360 IPS Appliance

The CloudJacketX 360 Intrusion Prevention system lies at the heart of our layered network security solution, incorporating a host of powerful components to protect client network and information assets with exceptional effectiveness.

Worldwide Edge Attack Sensor Network

The patented SECNAP Edge Network integrates thousands of intelligent network security sensors that identify potential threats the instant they are launched at the edge of the Internet. This early warning system enables our security engineers to respond immediately, and virtually eliminates the nefarious zero-day attack.

SmartAlert Filter

This patented software enables us to provide you with precise attack prevention services at the lowest possible cost. The intelligent filter eliminates more than 98% of the false alarms generated by typical intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, dramatically reducing the number of events our security team must investigate and resolve. Which makes them efficient and highly effective on a 24/7/365 basis.

Other Integrated Components

The CloudJacketX device integrates a number of other modules to ensure the most effective protection you can buy–from a smart anomaly engine and powerful correlation engine to trend analysis and advanced signature matching.  Plus other optional elements you may request as needed.

Expert Security Team

Just as we augment your existing network security infrastructure with state-of-the-art intrusion detection and intrusion prevention technologies, SECNAP also augments your own IT team with a full staff of some of the brightest network security engineers in the industry. SECNAP engineers have extensive hands-on experience combating complex network attacks and leveraging the very latest security technologies–so that our clients don’t have to.