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External Penetration Testing

Client assets extend far beyond network, website, email server, firewall, router and switch hardware and software. As the core of all business transactions, information assets must be tightly guarded and effectively protected. Only by conducting regular External Penetration and Internal Vulnerability testing can an organization ensure that information and network assets remain safeguarded from unauthorized access and abuse.Did you know…

  • That a misconfigured firewall can expose your entire internal network and business assets to more than 2 Billion other Internet users?
  • That there are hundreds of thousands of hackers on the Internet today, actively scanning government and corporate networks for vulnerabilities they can exploit to gain access to critical corporate and personally identifiable information?

Timely and regular External Penetration and Internal Vulnerability testing will reveal these and a host of other risks and enable you to take the necessary actions to neutralize them. Importance of Safeguarding Data Hackers come in all shapes and sizes, operating individually or in organized cybergangs to find and exploit gaps in security programs. Their prize may be your client lists, customer credit card information, employee compensation data, student or patient information, competitive business plans–even your email addresses. Their goal may be to embarrass your organization by defacing your website, crash your corporate servers, or resell your valuable corporate secrets. This threat is real, ongoing, and extremely costly.

  • Within an average of five minutes after a new network device has been installed by an organization, hackers have identified it.
  • Within hours of its first connection to the Internet, cybercriminals have begun to steal computer time and hard disk space in attempts to acquire sensitive information.

It is not a question of IF an organization will face this threat, but WHEN. How prepared are you?

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