Content Filtering

Our Email Security solution filters email messages that contain user-specified content (words, phrases, numbers) to prevent loss of sensitive data, either inadvertently or intentionally, and the resultant impact on customer confidence.

This additional layer of security facilitates compliance with corporate policies and government regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and GLBA. It also protects against unwanted publicity and legal actions that can damage reputations and result in costly penalties.

The following features are standard with SpammerTrap appliances and VPS Hosted services:

  • Enables Inbound and Outbound email messages to be scanned for content, as specified by client site administrator.
  • Allows administrators to whitelist, tag, quarantine, or block messages containing the specified content.
  • Enables filtering of personally identifiable information (PII), as specified by client, such as:
    • Employee identification numbers
    • Account numbers
    • Credit card numbers
    • Tax ID numbers
    • Social Security numbers
  • Filters according to specified keywords, customized expressions, and patterns of content.
  • Scans subject content, email body content, and attachments—which many filters do not.
  • Enables administrators to test new or edited content rules prior to live production.
  • Simplifies set-up with intuitive screens, plus 24/7 tech support as needed.
  • Offers a variety of useful reports.
  • Available with all SME, ENT and GEM models, integrated in the email security appliance—no additional hardware required.
  • Available with all VPS Hosted services, Standard and Premier