Robust Reporting

The SpammerTrap Email Security solution does much more than protect your organization from viruses, worms, DoS and DHA attacks and the spam they rode in on. It generates a unique, robust array of reports that help IT managers and system administrators in a variety of ways.
Our Email Security reporting assists IT managers and system administrators in:

  • Monitoring volumes of email and spam
  • Isolating common malware sources
  • Identifying internal abusers
  • Reviewing and managing quarantined messages
  • Viewing individual user policies
  • Identifying and responding to trends
  • Creating timely, compelling executive reports.

For samples and descriptions of some of our most popular reports, download the PDF.

Robust reporting, from the SpammerTrap Email Security solution. It’s all about making your life simpler. Making your workday more productive. And making you look good!