Secure the Network & Prevent Ransomware 

Prevention, Response & Recovery Cybersecurity Strategies

In this whitepaper, we will cover strategies SMBs and enterprises can implement to minimize the threat of a ransomware attack. Many of these tips will also overlap with NIST and CIS recommendations.  Identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities whether in the cloud or on premise if key in order to secure any network.  This is also a great resource to take to your Managed Service Provider or IT team to confirm you’ve covered all of your bases.   Your network maybe missing some key layers such as backup, endpoint or even a SIEM.

Learning Objectives:
• State of cybersecurity and who are cyber criminals really targetting
• Ransomware payment: Should you pay or not?  
• Top 8 proactive strategies towards Ransomware risk reduction 

Who would benefit from this whitepaper:
CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, Leadership, IT Directors/Managers, Compliance Officers, and any employee, IT consultant or MSP who are managing technology or sensitive data for SMBs/Enterprises, especially those in regulated industries.

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