Achieving & Maintaining IT Compliance with SIEM

Learn About the Functionality that Facilitates Compliance 

Since Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)s were first introduced, organizations have used them to facilitate compliance. In this report we will cover the benefits for compliance and also the pitfalls to watch out for when adopting a SIEM solution.

Learning Objectives:

• Why use a Security Information & Event Management solution?
• What functionality do SIEMs offer to help meet compliance requirements?
• What is the true cost of purchasing a SIEM solution?
• How can SIEM help with complex cyberattacks such as Ransomware?
• How should a SIEM be monitored?

Who would benefit from this checklist:

CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, Leadership, IT Directors/Managers, Compliance officers and any employee who is managing technology or sensitive data.  


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SIEM Facilitates Compliance When Done Right.

Modern SIEMs continue to play a major role in achieving and maintaining compliance by providing functions that are required by regulatory and industry compliance frameworks, including PCI, DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, and FINRA.

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