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Is Zero Trust Right For Your Organization?

It may seem as if every organization except for yours is jumping on the zero trust bandwagon. With remote and hybrid workforces here to stay, the zero trust security model is increasing in popularity. However, a recent study by the Cyber Risk Alliance found that only...

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Defend Your Business Against State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

The war between Russia and Ukraine has escalated rapidly and substantially. Since the crisis began, over 80% of cyberattacks worldwide have been targeting Russia or Ukraine. However, organizations in the U.S. should not assume that cyber conflict will not reach our...

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What is a Security Assessment and Why is it Important?

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it’s important to know that your information and overall infrastructure are secure. But how do you really know if your data is safe? After all, new zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities are being discovered every day—a reality...

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What Is SIEM and Why You Need It

Which SIEM Solution Is Your Business’s Best Option? The right SIEM platform can save you time, money, and keep you protected. In today’s world, many businesses are finding themselves sandwiched between ever-evolving threats and compliance regulations. And while strict...

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The Zero-Day Dilemma

In boxing, it’s often said that the punch you don’t see coming is the one that puts you down.  Unfortunately, this adage rings just as true for cybersecurity. Last month, Google reported  that they’d discovered four new zero-day exploits targeting flaws in  the...

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