Top 10 CISO Challenges & Tips

Learn to Overcome Them while Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk

As the CISO role continues to evolve, cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, intensity, and cost. CISOs are feeling the pressure of being able to address these increasingly complex issues while allowing business to go uninterrupted.

In this whitepaper we will cover the 10 most common challenges that today’s CISOs face, along with mitigating strategies for overcoming them.

Learning Objectives:

• Tips on obtaining leadership buy-in
• Importance of establishing priorities vs. mitigating risk
• Understand how to mitigate risk and plan for an incident
• Dig into the steps to understand and secure your environment
• Explore how monitoring can be a challenge

Who would benefit from this checklist:

CISOs and those in leadership roles who are managing technology or sensitive data.


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Conquering CISO Challenges in Today's World

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are one of the latest roles to join the organizational chart. Our whitepaper reviews the most stressful challenges a CISO faces in today’s world and provides the mitigating strategies to best overcome them.

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