[Webinar] Selling Cybersecurity in “The New Normal”

Scale your Cybersecurity without the Overhead

Usually, technology and optimization drive the changes we make in business. However, this year, changes in society are driving a massive wave of technological behavior modification and in some cases even rapid innovation. As technology providers, we know that major network changes should be followed by a Security Review to ensure that critical data remains secure. This is also a requirement in just about every security framework that exists today.

In this webinar, we address the common questions and pitfalls our partners have regarding providing cybersecurity services, preventing cyberattacks, and address clients who do not want to prioritize cybersecurity.

Join us via Webinar on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT 

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Topics to be Covered

• What are the top ways to identify cybersecurity gaps?
• What technologies address cybersecurity threats of today?
• Best advice in helping an infected organization
• How to avoid regulatory compliance pitfalls?

Who Should Attend?

Technology Providers, Technology Consultants, Telecom Agents and anyone who is advising organizations regarding their technology or sensitive data.  


Advice for Technology Providers

Make sure you have the cybersecurity conversation with your clients before it happens. This conversation is not only an opportunity to sell new services but tells your client that you are trying to proactively harden their network. If they take no action and their network is subsequently attacked, you at least warned them of the risk and recommended a protection plan ahead of time.

Rick Duman  |  Vice President of Sales

Graduate from the University of Florida, with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. With almost 20 years of experience in Technology and Communications, the bulk of his career has been spent in Engineering, Sales, and Management roles. His projects have touched M2M/IoT, Telecommunications, Datacenter and Cloud Services industries.

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