Zero Days Have Empowered Ransomware

Why Are There So Many Ransomware Attacks Recently? And More Importantly – Can You Do Anything About It?

The first step to creating a strategy to protect against these type of vulnerabilities to really understand them.  Exploits are being create and organizations are oftentimes not patched and defenses are not detecting these threats.  

Learning Objectives:

• Why are Ransomware Attacks Happening More Often?
• The Lucrative Business of Vulnerabilities
• Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Trends by Year
• What is a Zero-Day and it’s  “Lifecycle”?
• What Makes Zero-Days so Dangerous?
• How organizations can defend themselves against zero days

Who would benefit from this checklist:

Anyone who practices cybersecurity at any level, from an entry-level practitioner to the chief information security officer. 

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