Are You Still Relying on Traditional Security Solutions That No Longer Work?

According to Bloomberg, the "surge in high-profile hacker attacks this year is demonstrating the limits of an older generation of security software from Symantec, McAfee, and others."  Big-brand security solutions no longer guarantee protection against the new generation of security threats, emerging threats, or advanced persistent threats. We're not convinced they ever did.

CloudJacket managed, multilayered protection goes far beyond Unified Threat Management and SIEM to effectively block anything cyberspace can dish out, and everything the big-brand solutions have failed to prevent. (Just read the headlines.) Isn't it time to stop clinging to traditional solutions that don't work? The future of cybersecurity is here.

Managed Network Security Our award-winning CloudJacket managed network security service incorporates advanced, patented technology to protect your organization from external attack and internal data loss. 24/7/365 monitoring shifts the burden from busy IT staff to our certified security experts. Awarded "Best in Intrusion Prevention" by Network Products Guide. Arrange a complimentary threat assessment.

IT Security Assessments It's important to evaluate your security posture regularly in order to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation. Our complete portfolio of security audits and assessments delivers exactly what you need. Ask about a Security Health Check.

Email Encryption A new standard of end-to-end email encryption across the universe of smartphones and mail-enabled mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs. Winner of the 2011 Best Product Award in Mobile Solutions for combining advanced technology with unrivaled ease of use. We have an enterprise package for you.

Email Security and Antispam A full suite of appliances and hosted services filters out 100% of viruses and  mail-borne malware. Dubbed "The King of Spam Filters" by SC Magazine. Try us free for 30 days.

CloudJacket Active Network Protection

"CloudJacket saved my job. We were being bombarded by intrusion attempts from China, and it was just a matter of time before one succeeded.

We installed CloudJacket managed network security service on a trial basis and were instantly amazed at how effective it was.

We made the switch, our executives couldn't be happier, and I can sleep at night. And the SECNAP technical support has been awesome!"

John Franz, Jenoptik Optical Systems,

CloudJacket Client

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