Windows Error Reporting Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
June 14, 2024

Alert! A flaw in Windows Error Reporting Service!

A high-severity security vulnerability was found: Windows Error Reporting Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability (CVE-2024-26169). Patch Now!


  • It was reported that attackers used an exploit tool to manipulate the Windows file werkernel.sys which utilizes a null security descriptor when creating registry keys. The tool creates a registry key (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\WerFault.exe) and sets the “Debugger” value to a malicious executable, allowing the launch of a shell with SYSTEM privileges.

What to know:

  • It has been determined that the exploit tool had been utilized prior to the release of a patch by Microsoft (March 2024), indicating it was used as a zero-day.
  • A threat actor can exploit a zero-day privilege escalation flaw in the Windows Error Reporting service (CVE-2024-26169).
    The flaw is a high-severity issue (CVSS 7.8) in the Windows Error Reporting Service.
  • May allow attackers to access the shell with SYSTEM privileges.
  • This vulnerability affects all Windows operating systems, including Windows Server.

Action Items:

  • Immediately Patch System: Apply Microsoft’s March 2024 patch to mitigate this vulnerabilit.
  • Follow the guidelines shared by CISA.
  • Threat Detection: Implement monitoring for suspicious activities related to initial access vectors.

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