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Corporate Overview

Who We Are

SECNAP Network Security develops and provides next-generation information technology solutions that enable business to be conducted securely and privately on the Internet. Our security technologies are significantly ahead of the industry in intelligence, performance and ease of deployment—effectively detecting, analyzing and preventing cyber threats as they develop. The level at which our solutions perform has essentially obsoleted the zero-day threat for SECNAP clients.

Among our innovations are a patented Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) that leverages highly advanced anomaly, trending, rules and other engines in concert with expert monitoring 24/7/365 to deliver unrivaled protection of network and information assets. Award-winning SECNAP Email Security and Email Privacy solutions provide government-grade encryption as well as protection from all forms of mail-borne malware. Our full suite of Security Audits and Assessments ensures information security and regulatory compliance.


Protecting Client Revenues and Reputations

SECNAP is the perfect choice for businesses who don’t want to risk buying from a new start-up with unproven technologies, and who don’t want to get lost in the shuffle with a giant vendor. Our diverse client list includes complex global enterprises and mid-range businesses in the .com, .org, .edu, .net and many other domains. One thing they all have in common:  revenues and reputations that rely on faultless security.


A Decade at the Forefront

Founded in 2001, SECNAP Network Security has occupied a strategic position on the leading edge of the information security industry for more than a decade, with a singular focus on research and development of effective security solutions that are able to adapt as cyberthreats evolve. Today we are a full-service Internet security provider with exceptional expertise in tracking, trending and preventing, in real-time, computer attacks, network intrusions, negligent insider actions, data leakage, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in networks, email systems and web applications.


Our Security Mission

SECNAP Network Security is dedicated to protecting clients against the loss of intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and other sensitive data. We continue to develop and deploy innovative security solutions and best security practices to prevent organizations from being victimized by network attacks, viruses, Trojans, phishing and spear-phishing schemes, and other cybercrime. Unlike reactive solutions, SECNAP delivers proactive, first-strike protection based on advanced technologies that enable threats to be detected at the edge of the Internet.


Why SECNAP Network Security is Right for You

Because you’re looking for the most advanced security available today, at rates you can afford today. Because our security solutions leverage next generation technologies that consistently exceed expectations, providing unparalleled protection and convenience. Because the SECNAP engineering team remains laser-focused on taking security to the next level while keeping it accessible to you. Because exceptional security delivers an unexpected benefit: complete peace of mind.

Our clients call us their favorite secret weapon in the war on cybercrime. We’d like to be yours.


Doing Our Share

While we’re providing flawless information security, SECNAP also makes every effort to conserve natural resources by lowering energy consumption in our daily operations and in the products we provide for our customers. In addition, SECNAP employees contribute to a variety of environmental conservation organizations.