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Whether it's the full scale of seven appliance models, standard and premier Virtual Private SpammerTrap hosted services, or VPS Managed Services, the SECNAP Email Security solution is a proven favorite among industry experts.

  • Named "Best in Email Security 2010" by Network Products Guide.
  • Won "Tomorrow's Technology Today 2009," Information Security Products Guide.
  • 2009 article in Processor Magazine called it "a high-performance solution."
  • Won "Global Product Excellence" award from Info Security Products Guide 2009.
  • Named "Best in Anti-Spam 2008" by Network Products Guide.
  • Named one of just 10 "Buzz-Worthy Products" by Everything Channel in 2008.
  • Crowned "The King of Spam Filters" by SC Magazine in 2008.

All the Email Security Features You Need

The innovative SpammerTrap Email Security solution delivers legitimate email at lightning speed while filtering out virtually 100% of viruses, phishing emails and other malware and the spam it rides in on. This industry-leading performance, which eliminates the false positives that result in inefficiency and costly productivity losses, is in part the result of patented SECNAP security technology. Content filtering, encryption, email archiving, a killer firewall and other features further ensure your email communications are fully protected 24/7.  Read about our most popular features here.

Robust Reporting Provides Wide Range of Email Statistics

As if award-winning features and functionality weren't enough, an advanced reporting package has turned IT managers and system administrators into heroes in their organizations. A host of reports and graphs help monitor volumes and detect patterns, identify abusers and isolate malware sources, create actionable executive summaries and much more.

SECNAP, the company behind SpammerTrap, is a recognized leader in email and network security, providing world-class protection for organizations ranging from small businesses to global enterprises.

Free 30-Day Trial of Any Email Security Solution

With seven robust appliance models, and a host of convenient Virtual Private SpammerTrap options—SECNAP continues to raise the standard for email security. And nobody stands behind their products like we do. Find out for yourself with a free, no-strings product evaluation.

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Unique Functionality Means 99.9% Spam Filtering Accuracy

Read our whitepaper for a complete analysis of why spam filtering accuracy is so important. Our unparalleled level of spam filtering accuracy is the same whether you choose an appliance, or a cloud-based solution.

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What Clients Say

"We love the SpammerTrap email quarantine report. On one easy page, users can view quarantined email, immediately click to release it to their inbox, add the sender to their whitelist, or blacklist the sender. It really adds value and saves time for everyone."

Rob Danley, Director of IT, The King's Academy / Case Study