Web Application Assessment

Web Application Security Assessments

Our testing is designed to assess all types of web applications, ranging from static websites to all-encompassing transactional e-commerce environments. SECNAP focuses on looking at the application logic that has been built into the website and inspects any aspect of the environment that allows a user to enter input information.

Web Application tests will assess an environment for server-side attacks such as SQL injection and Blind SQL injection. In addition, tests will assess an environment for client-side attacks, such as cross-site scripting exposures which could allow an attacker to manipulate the clients that access your infrastructure.

This kind of assessment yields valuable information and a keen understanding of current application security flaws along with recommendations for remediation.

Our certified consultants will:

• Examine Vulnerabilities
• Assess Application Security Policies and Procedures
• Remediate Recommendations
• Recommend Mechanisms for On-going Process Improvement

Our assessment is designed to address the components and variables unique to your application in order to deliver results that will assist you in hardening your application security.  It will also help your team determine how to best deploy your valuable resources in mitigating risk to the organization.

Suspect you are currently under a cyber attack?

If you are currently being impacted by a cyber attack such as Malware, Ransomware or Cryptojacking, our team is available 24/7 and can be reached at 844.638.7328.

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