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Partner Program

As a member of the SECNAP Partner Program, we will work with you to connect your prospective customers with our security offerings. Some of our partners are technology partners, service providers, master agents, integrators, distributors, and even legal teams. Our team will support with marketing materials, live demonstrations, product evaluations, and other sales-related functions.  Our partners have the potential to generate recurring revenue that comes with evergreen contract terms.

Earn Recurring Revenue

With SECNAP’s successful track record dating back to 2001, your team can recommend our security services with peace of mind. Our proprietary solution allows us to price competitively and pass on better margins to our partners. We are confident that the potential of recurring and evergreen revenue makes it that much easier. Our commission payouts are complimented by SPIFFs and other periodic sales incentives.

Scale with Ease

Our team is ready to handle anything from small to enterprise accounts. By leveraging our solutions you won’t have to worry about hiring and training extra resources to add-on a managed security offering. We add value to your offerings while minimizing your overhead and maximizing your margins.


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Sales and Security Support

With your knowledge of your customer’s business and our expertise in cybersecurity, we can simplify the sales cycle. Our process allows you to deliver industry-leading technology without having to be a security expert. In addition to our 24/7 managed security offering, we can also provide demonstrations, perform user training and fully manage deployment. Think of us as an extension of your concierge security service.

Cure Alert Fatigue

Security teams are receiving an ever increasing volume of alerts that are nearly impossible to manage. This challenge often results in analysts hitting allow too frequently or tuning devices too permissively. Critical threats are more likely to slip through as the volume and complexity of alerts increase. CloudJacketX leverages our proprietary technology in combination with our highly trained security analyst to cut down on false positives and reduces overall alerts by over 99%.   

Land and Expand Clientele

Cybersecurity is top of mind for all IT decision makers. Adding in security solutions will draw in customers of a different breed. In addition to creating a new revenue stream, it will open up new opportunities for your core services. Partners often start with a Security Assessment which can often uncover the need for additional services.

Effortlessly Protect Client Data

Proactively protect your client’s data against cyber attacks and compliance violations. Our multi-layer security solution prevents breaches and allows your team to focus on the innovative technology that improves your customer’s business.    

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