SECNAP Network Security

Our Security Mission

SECNAP’s mission is to assist our clients in safely and securely conducting  business across the internet by providing organizations of any size, with the same comprehensive protection against cyberattacks that large enterprises and the federal government enjoy but at a fraction of the cost.

Who We Are

SECNAP Network Security is a managed security service provider (MSSP) and a cybersecurity research and development company. Since 2001, we have been combining human intelligence with innovative technology, designed in-house, to protect private sector organizations and government agencies of all sizes against data breaches, ransomware, phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other cyberattacks. We are continuously researching, developing, and deploying the most advanced cybersecurity technologies, solutions, and services to combat current, new, and emerging threats.

Our proprietary, patented and patent pending CloudJacketX managed security-as-a-service platform was designed from the ground-up to address the most common pain points faced by IT teams, including alert fatigue, inadequate financial resources, a lack of in-house expertise, and hidden network vulnerabilities. CloudJacketX is compatible with on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and virtual environments. It facilitates regulatory compliance, simplifies security stacks, and easily scales to provide comprehensive security at an affordable cost.

Recognizing that security technologies are only as good as the humans who operate them, SECNAP’s approach combines ongoing network security assessments with extended detection and response (XDR) services, managed detection and response (MDR) services, an advanced SIEM solution, and a patented intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS), all supported by real-time response from 24/7, U.S.-based security operations centers (SOCs). By leveraging advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection, SECNAP detects anomalous activity before it enters the network, ensuring that our clients can conduct business in a secure environment. 

SECNAP is SOC 2 compliant. Both our development team and our SOCs are based in the United States. 

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