SECNAP CloudJacket

A Cybersecurity Solution for Your Educational Institution

We recognize the critical role that educational institutions and schools play in shaping the future. 

As technology increasingly integrates into learning environments, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions becomes paramount. That’s why we’re proud to introduce CloudJacket, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that provides a comprehensive and tailored solution to combat the evolving landscape of information security threats. The CloudJacket platform delivers enterprise-grade cybersecurity at a cost accessible to educational organizations of all sizes, by unifying the power of XDR, EDR, SIEM, MDR, and NDR functionalities together with a threat intelligence platform, monitored and managed by our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOC) analysts and engineers.

From safeguarding sensitive student and staff data to ensuring uninterrupted digital learning experiences, our cutting-edge cybersecurity services empower educational institutions to thrive in the digital age. Join us in fortifying your educational mission with CloudJacket‘s expertise, allowing you to focus on nurturing the minds of tomorrow while we protect your digital assets today.

Common Cyber Threats for Educational Institutions:

        • Phishing Attacks: Cybercriminals send deceptive emails or messages to staff and students, attempting to steal sensitive login credentials or distribute malware.
        • Ransomware: Malicious software encrypts critical data, demanding payment for its release, which can disrupt operations and jeopardize important educational materials.
        • Data Breaches: Breaches compromising student records, financial information, and staff data can lead to identity theft, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.
        • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks: Cyber attackers overload school websites and networks, causing service outages that disrupt online learning and communication.
        • Insider Threats: Unauthorized access or data misuse by staff, students, or contractors can pose a significant threat to sensitive information and system integrity.

Cybersecurity Compliance Regulations for Schools:

        • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): Protects students’ education records and personally identifiable information (PII) from unauthorized disclosure, ensuring privacy and control over their data.
        • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA): Regulates the collection of personal information from children under 13 years old, requiring parental consent and safeguarding their online interactions.
        • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): Applies to school health services that handle students’ health information, ensuring the confidentiality and security of medical records.

Navigating these cybersecurity compliance regulations is essential for schools to ensure the protection of student and staff data, maintain trust within the educational community, and avoid potential legal and reputational consequences.

At SECNAP, we have created a full suite of cybersecurity solutions that effectively detect and respond to data theft as well as other cybercriminal activity in information systems. With us, you gain advanced security tools and a team of highly experienced cybersecurity experts 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost. We are here to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you achieve and maintain a resilient information security posture. Click the link below to contact SECNAP and learn more about CloudJacket today.

Monitored and Managed by our SOC

Our 24/7, U.S.-based Security Operations Center will manage and monitor your network for security breaches, and respond immediately to stop threats dead in their tracks.

Our security analysts are a dedicated team, diligently serving as overwatch to review every alert so that you don’t have to. Let our team keep your data safe, secure, and out of the hands of bad actors. Let your team run the systems that operate your business. Free them from the headaches of trying to manage security as a part-time job, or afterthought. Watch them shine in their role, assured that the systems they depend on are uncompromised.