Lead Registration Process

All sales leads must be submitted through the SECNAP website by an Authorized SECNAP Agent in order for the lead to be registered. Once submitted, the lead will be cross-referenced with SECNAP’s CRM in order to establish its availability for registration and assignment. A SECNAP representative will respond to the Agent via e-mail, typically within five business days. The response will either confirm the lead is available and has been successfully registered or the registration has been rejected along with a reason for the rejection.

Once the lead has been submitted, your Channel Manager will be in touch with you to set a forecasted close date for the opportunity.  At that point, the opportunity will be protected for a period of sixty days beyond the forecasted close date. The period of time in which an opportunity is protected can be extended based on the account’s activity.

SECNAP Agent Conflict Resolution Policy

Our lead registration process is intended to avoid a sales lead from being registered to more than one Authorized SECNAP Agent. In the unlikely event that a lead is submitted by and registered to more than one Authorized SECNAP Agent resulting in a conflict, the lead will be registered to the Agent submission with the earliest time stamp. Timestamps are captured by the SECNAP registration page at the time of submission.

Please contact your sales representative or email sales@secnap.com if you have any questions regarding this policy.