Cybersecurity Checklist for Law Firms

Read About the Top 8 Cybersecurity Gaps 

Small to mid-sized law firms are typically not early adopters of technology, and hackers are tuned into that as well as the fact that even large law firms often times do not have a multi-layer security program in place. According to an ALM Legal Intelligence Study, 22% of law firms do not have any organized plan to prepare for or respond to a data breach.   

Even though most firms outsource their technology, they are still being held accountable when breaches occur including the risk of legal malpractice allegations due to poor cybersecurity. 

Learning Objectives:

• Why are law firms being targeted by cybercriminals?
• What initiatives should a firm start with to improve its security posture?
• Will cybersecurity impact a firms ability to retain and obtain clients?
• What are the potential implications of a weak and high-risk cybersecurity strategy?
• Is there a Risk of Legal Malpractice Allegations Due to Poor Cybersecurity?

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