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Cyber Security Landscape

malware samples are investigated daily

seconds, on average, the time elapsed between detected web threats

data breaches tracked in 2014


higher number of breaches than in 2013

¹Identity Theft Resource Center Breach Report Hits Record High in 2014 idtheftcenter.org. Retrieved 2015, April 25


The Solution

CloudJacket is a holistic, bullet-proof security strategy that deploys sophisticated, patented technology across the full spectrum of security vulnerabilities.  This high-performance, high-intelligence solution has proven, consistently and repeatedly, its ability to detect the new unknown threats, and eliminate them.

Our Expertise

SECNAP Network Security, creator of CloudJacket, excels in providing next-generation information technology solutions that enable business to be conducted securely and privately on the Internet. Our technologies are significantly ahead of the industry in intelligence, performance, and ease of deployment—effectively detecting, analyzing and preventing cyberthreats as they develop. The level at which these solutions perform has eliminated the zero-day threat for SECNAP clients.


The Difference Is In The Details


Patented Technology

Only the SECNAP Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention solution integrates a patented Edge Attack Sensor Network and Smart Alert Filter, an extensive and robust database of rules and signatures, and an expert, experienced team of certified security engineers. The result is superior protection of your network and network devices from both external and internal threats.

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Managed Benefits

Cybercrime is advancing at a record pace, and today’s enterprises face targeted, real-time attacks that are increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, IT professionals are highly sensitized to the importance of securing their infrastructure.

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IDS/IPS Configurations

The evolution of security solutions has produced unprecedented flexibility for IT managers, who now may choose how much of the solution is hardware and/or software, and how much relies on the eyes, ears and brains of IT security professionals. In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the optimum mix is a balanced one.

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Unprecedented Approach To Security

Unique edge sensors find attackers early

Patented Edge Attack SensorTM network is deployed throughout the Internet in more than 50 countries. Monitors DSL/Cable/Home Modem attack activity, where many hackers beta-test their exploits. Enables early warning of new trends and new attack vectors –reducing Zero Day attacks. Also identifies generalized vs. targeted attacks

Detects and identifies more threats

Tests against more than 15,000 active rules – one of the largest databases in the industry. Powerful combination of signature-based, general public licensed, Snort licensed, and SECNAP custom rules. Enables detection of threats and attacks, as well as identification of attackers, their profiles and patterns


Advanced intrusion prevention ensures a secure network

Automatically blocks certain attack sets based on severity, source, and sender profile/reputation. Extrusion prevention blocks company data loss/leakage. SECNAP engineers investigate and block other internal and external threats. No single point of failure – automatic hardware bypass maintains Internet connection

Maximum operational efficiency

CloudJacket has no external IP address – hackers don’t see it Helps remove threats from Internet by reporting alerts to ISPs automatically

Highly efficient, real-time attack detection

Patented Smart Alert Filter eliminates 98% of false positives generated by typical IDS solutions Logs and attack data stay local on device, preserving your bandwidth and protecting your privacy

Around-the-clock support & monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 network monitoring and support by a team of certified, expert Security Engineers in redundant Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) in the U.S

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