Optimal Deployments

The evolution of security solutions has produced unprecedented flexibility for IT managers, who now may choose how much of the solution is hardware and/or software, and how much relies on the eyes, ears and brains of IT security professionals. In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the optimum mix is a balanced one.

The SECNAP CloudJacketX IPS appliance is the heart of our managed network security service. Following are two typical  configurations, although these do not necessarily represent all optimal deployments.

The first diagram depicts a single IPS deployment, which provides intrusion prevention protection for all network elements, including servers, LAN user desktops and laptops, and WAN users in main facilities and remote locations.  The CloudJacketX IPS unit is configured inline between corporate firewall and switch.

This diagram depicts a hybrid IDS/IPS deployment, where client has established a DMZ.  This configuration provides intrusion prevention protection for all network devices, with the additional benefit of an intrusion detection sensor for the DMZ.

Patented SECNAP CloudJacketX technology enables superior detection and prevention to be delivered in a single device, managed by expert security engineers on a 24/7/365 basis–so that our clients don’t have to do the heavy lifting associated with round-the-clock monitoring, alarm log review, and false positive investigation. It’s a winning partnership, for everyone! To view a quick installation video, check out “Installing CloudJacketX in 3 minutes”