Email Encryption

This popular feature enables email messages to travel safely over the Internet, protected from hackers and other prying eyes. In doing so, it facilitates compliance with corporate policies and government regulations such as GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and others.

Organizations concerned about transmitting privileged or proprietary information (such as client, patient, student or employee data) can easily prevent the inadvertent or deliberate compromise of that data by using email encryption.

A study by The Ponemon Institute (April 2010) indicated that the cost of data breaches is highest in the United States, due to the requirements of various laws and regulations. Further, a breach costs the average U.S. business $6.75 million, two-thirds of that due to customer churn. Encryption of incoming and outgoing emails is a vital step in safeguarding your sensitive data and communications.

Features of SECNAP Email Encryption include:

  • Enables email messages to be sent and received securely via TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption
  • Transparent to senders and recipients—operates in the background
  • Email header key contains code indicating proof of encryption
  • Requires only that the sending and receiving email servers be TLS-compatible
  • Enables bulk import or export of domain names
  • Three options include Attempt Encryption, Force Encryption, and Encryption Off
  • All options are specifiable for inbound emails, outbound emails, or both
    • Attempt Encryption enables email to be encrypted if destination server is TLS-compatible, and delivers the message unencrypted if it is not
    • Force Encryption will only send encrypted messages, which will only be delivered if receiving server is TLS-compatible; the client site administrator is notified of failed deliveries. If ‘Force Encryption’ is selected as the default for Inbound messages, only emails that were TLS-encrypted by the sending location will be received
    • Encryption Off disables encryption
  • Any option may be set as the default for all Outbound messages, all Inbound messages, or both
  • Any selected default option may be overridden by a different selection, per recipient domain, for Outbound email encryption
  • Available with all appliance models and all Virtual Private SpammerTrap hosted services (Standard and Premier), integrated into the security software—no additional hardware or software required.