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Take advantage of our complementary vulnerability scan that is being offered to qualified organizaitons. This will help your IT team identify, prioritize and mediate gaps in your cybersecurity defences. This complimentary scan is only valid to the first 25 qualified organizations who complete this request.

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Secure your network by knowing what gaps exist.

A supply chain cyber attack has trojanized SolarWinds Orion via regular software updates in order to access networks and laterally distribute malware that is being referred to as SUNBURST. 

SECNAP has published a blog post to help technology providers understand how the SolarWinds attack can impact their role in protecting the network. Check out our latest blog: SolarWinds Attack: Top 6 Things You Need to Know.

Why Request a Vulnerability Scan:

  • Help your IT team prioritize and mediate gaps in your security posture.
  • Real data to justify the resources needed to close the security gaps that directly impact your risk level.
  • Facilitate the compliance process and identify potential compliance violations.

Who would benefit from seeing the results of this report:

CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, Leadership, IT Directors/Managers, PCI Compliance officers and any employee who is managing technology or sensitive data.

Who qualifies for this free scan:

Organizations with over 25 employees who have the authority to run a vulnerability scan on behalf of their technology department.

How to request the free scan:

Fill out this form to request to see if you qualify for a free vulnerabilty scan.  As a bonus, we will also send you a free Dark Web Scan for your organization’s domain.  Our security experts will reach out to you on next steps to get started.

Request a Vulnerability Scan

CloudJacketX: A Managed Cybersecurity Platform

Our flexible security-as-a-service platform allows for a layered approach where you can choose exactly what your organization needs.  Our Security Operations Center will manage and monitor all of your CloudJacketX Platform layers 24/7. This eliminates the hidden cost of aquiring cybersecurity technologies.

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